Open Water Scuba Certification Courses:
Location: University of Cincinnati Rec Center
Dates: Feb. 7th (4-8pm), Feb. 15th (11am-4pm), and Feb 16th (11am-4pm)
Cost: $350
Email Riley to Reserve Your Spot or With Questions:
Credit Hour Information: This course is worth 1 credit hour. For details click here.
Benefits of the Open Water Scuba Certification: You will be certified to dive up to 60 feet without being under the direct supervision of a dive professional. The certification is also valid for life and great for use on vacations. For information on the PADI Open Water Scuba Diver Course check out PADI’s website.
Details: This course is available to anyone, not just current UC students or rec center members. This is Part 1 of the PADI Open Water Scuba Certification and includes the classroom & pool lessons. You will read the PADI Open Water book, meet for 3-4 hours and review the book material and take an exam. Once the book work is completed there are two days of pool lessons. In this part, you will learn different diving skills and how to respond to different situations. Our classes are kept small (3-6 students per class) to provide personalized instruction, maximize your time learning, and decrease hours needed to complete the pool work. The cost is $350 which includes: books, pool reservation, instruction, PADI fees, and includes tanks, weights, BCDs, regulators, and gauges. Students will need to either rent or purchase their own mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit, and boots. We strongly recommend that you purchase these items, but you can rent them for $40. We provide a special discount of 10% off to university students for gear purchases which are provided by our business partner. For details please contact us.
Open Water or ‘Check Out Dive’ Lessons: This is the second part of the certification. This can be done with us or on a vacation. This part is two days of “open water” lessons (outside of a pool. If on vacation that would be in the ocean or if in Ohio this would be in a quarry). Each day you will spend 4 hours in the water and complete 4 dives. In these dives you review the scuba skills you learned in the pool and explore the quarry or reef you are diving at. The cost of this is $250 plus quarry fees ($15-35). This part can be completed in Ohio between May-Sept. and will be coordinated after you complete Part 1.