At The Scuba Squad we offer a variety of scuba diving activities. Below are some basic details on what we offer:
Are you interested in scuba diving but haven’t tried it yet? 
Discover scuba diving might be for you! Discover scuba diving allows you to try out scuba without the commitment of a certification. If you are interested in diving but not sure how much you will like it this is a great option.
Do you want to get certified so you can go diving on vacations/trips or for a internship/job?
Our PADI Open Water Certification is the initial certification needed to dive independently. This certification is valid for life and if you are a college student you can receive up to 2 credit hours.
Are you scheduling a birthday party, youth program activity, or want a fun weekend activity for your family or friends?
We can schedule a private discover scuba diving experience for groups of 4+ at your desired location/time.
Are you certified already but want to advance your skills? 
We offer almost all PADI certifications including most specialties and up through PADI Divemaster. There are many benefits to advancing your diving certifications including: opportunities to volunteer as a diver at Newport Aquarium/The Cincinnati Zoo, explore wrecks and other deep diving sites, learning important rescue and first aid skills, and travel for an international scuba college internship.
Do you have a child who is interested in scuba?
We offer a variety of youth activities including the PADI Seal Team (youth scuba club) which is an opportunity for kids who aren’t old enough to scuba dive to dive on a monthly basis with kids of their same age. For more information on all of our youth activities check out our youth activities tab.